A “Little” Announcement…

What a fantastically busy time: The Superheroes and Villains are gearing up for their grand battle, the Playmaking class is gearing up to feed an evil cat an exorbitant number of sandwiches…and me? I’m gearing up to have a baby! Oh boy!

I am excited to announce that Ben and I are expecting our first child July 3rd (insert “Independence Day” joke here). Our families are overjoyed, and even our cat-children, Mister Melvin and Miss Iris, have graciously accepted the new titles of big brother and sister.

In light of this, however, Little Theater Workshop will be running at a slightly different pace this spring and summer. I’m going to be taking extra time to prepare and welcome baby between April and August. So, during that time, there will be no regular “series” class.

But don’t despair! I cannot sit still for a whole 5 months (much less 5 minutes), so I still have some NEW class opportunities up my sleeve:

  1. I will be teaching a 4-class Musical Theater workshop for homeschooled students this spring! April 20-May 11 @ 1-3 p.m. (Sharing at 6:30 p.m. on May 11.)
  2. I have partnered with Perkasie Borough Parks and Recreation to create 7 stand-alone classes on a variety of topics!

And on top of all that excitement, in Fall 2020, we will have lots of exciting new programs, including producing our first-ever Little Theater Workshop full PLAY! We’re still looking at scripts, finding the team, and working out the other nitty-gritty, so STAY TUNED for more details, coming soon!

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