A Director’s Approach to Deconstructing the Patriarchy

by Ireland Tarpey

Deconstructing the Patriarchy is a new work being created in the Perkasie Community.  A devised theatre piece, the collaborative project hopes to be a source of catharsis and joy by deeply looking at what it feels like to be a young person in our community.  Written by Gabby Simpson, directed by myself, Ireland Tarpey, and created by the young actors who are apart of it, the piece will be up and performing in late summer 2021.  

Deconstructing the Patriarchy will be a project built from the ground up by the actors sharing their own stories, feelings, and beliefs to mold a new theatrical experience.  I have been talking with Lynn Mullin about the project since March of 2020 and through the past year she has mentored me on how to bring this piece to life.  

Having grown up in the Perkasie area I have seen first hand how this community flourishes with theatre.  I was an active member of the theatre program at Pennridge High School, along with being a student who loved to analyze the world and use critical thinking to view myself and the world.  I know I was not alone in this.  It is from the conversations my peers and I had while still in high school about our identity and the world that inspired me to work on this project today.  The high schoolers in our community are extremely intelligent and artistic in their nature, and we hope this production will be able to showcase that.  

Having known my own personal experience of growing up in Perkasie, I have found myself interested in hearing the perspectives of others.  In our ever evolving world that seems to just get crazier by the day it can be difficult to fully identify with those who are younger than us.  This is why all femine and non-binary actors are welcomed to audition for Deconstructing the Patriarchy.  Together we can hopefully create a productive conversation about what it is like to be finding your identity as a woman in this modern world.  We hope that through the creation of this project we can find the words for what the youth of the Perkasie area wish to either hear or say.  For more information on the production please check out Little Theater’s website

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