The art of storytelling in our virtual reality

By Gabby Simpson (Playwright)  

Times are a bit tough right now, and theatre being on hold has been rough on many. Theatre is an important medium for many reasons: it’s an escape, it’s the way to tell a story, it’s the way to find your voice. Watching something live is a magical dynamic experience between the storytellers and the audience members. Even during times when we cannot have those live experiences, stories still need to be told. Expression moves us towards progress. Devising does just this, it allows a group of actors to pour their own experiences into the writing to create a unique story that only can be told by that group of actors in that moment of time. We will be exploring what it means to be female identifying or non- gender binary while growing into one’s authentic self in adulthood. Adulthood or adulting is this illusive idea that seems tangible when you are young but becomes more and more of an unattainable goal as you get deeper into it. Deconstructing the Patriarchy (our working title) will analyze what it means to try and reach those goals while exploring the feminine ideals placed on us or the feminine ideals we wish to reach. Little Theatre Workshop will be working with High school students to weave their own personal stories into a narrative about deconstructing these ideals to seek truth about who we really are. Join and follow us while we create an experience solely distinctive to a time when theatre has been put on pause and giving space for expression holds more weight than it might have before. For more information on the production please check out Little Theater Workshop’s website

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