The Dream

The Little Theater Workshop is part of a much larger dream. Although there are likely to be bumps along the road, this is what we envision, and how we see it happening.

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Phase One

We’re teaching seasonal classes to students grades K-8. Trinity Lutheran Church in Perkasie has been kind enough to house these beginning stages, for which we are very grateful. There is one teaching artist working part time.

Phase Two

This is where we are now. We begin seasonal productions with grades 3-12. This could include Shakespeare in the Park, original student plays, musicals, one acts, or dramas. Locations for performance would expand further into the community. An estimated 2-4 part time teaching artists would lead classes and staff productions.

Phase Three

We begin yearly multi-generational productions. This is a great educational and community-building opportunity for young and “experienced” actors alike. Because we value the art we’re creating, we hope to be able to compensate all adults who act in these productions for their work.

Phase Four

We establish ourselves as an official nonprofit! That way, we can begin the process of getting grants and fundraising to hire a small team of full-time staff.

Phase Five

We get our own dedicated rehearsal and performance space in Perkasie. This way, we can provide robust local theater programming all year round.