Make a Payment

To ensure that arts education is affordable to all families, the Little Theater Workshop uses a Sliding Fee Scale. Based on your family’s current situation, please select a payment amount within the suggested range for each class. To learn more about what Sliding Scale Fees are and why we use them, visit our Sliding Scale FAQs page.

The Sliding Scale Fees for Fall 2020 programs are as follows:

  • Storybook Theater: $35-90
  • Playwriting 101: $35-90
  • Fall Play: Ten Ways to Survive Life in Quarantine: $100-200
  • Yes, And…Intro to Improv: $35-90
  • Preparing for the Musical Theater Audition: $35-90
  • History of Musical Theater: $55-110
  • Individual Voice Lessons (30 minutes): $130-230
  • Individual Voice Lessons (60 minutes): $260-400
  • Improv Incubator: Pay-What-You-Can (suggested fee per session is $5-15)

All payments must be made before the beginning of the first class. If you are facing a hardship that makes this difficult, please reach out and we’ll start a conversation.

You can click one of the buttons below…

…or mail a check made out to “Little Theater Workshop” to:

Little Theater Workshop
307 N 6th Street
Perkasie, PA 18944